Sicilia Risturanti


Sicilian Cuisine

3 Course Valentine's Day Menu



*All entrees are served with a glass of red or white wine


Spring Mix Salad 

Mixed Greens, with red onions and tomatoes



Chicken in a White Wine Lemon Sauce

Boneless chicken breast smothered in house made white wine lemon sauce; served with 

potato croquettes and asparagus

Pasta alla Norma

Eggplant Strips fried, served with tomato sauce and spaghetti and diced eggplant; and topped with ricotta salata 

Pasta con Sarde

Fennel, dill weed, and saffron sauce, with pine nuts, currants, and sardines, tossed in bucatini pasta

Grilled Salmon alla Siciliana 

Grilled Salmon topped with homemade sicilian sauce, (tomatoes, raisins, onions, tomatoes, green olives, pine nuts and capers), served with potato croquettes and asparagus 

Baked Ring Pasta

Italian ring shaped pasta, ground beef, peas in a garlic oil marinara sauce, with Mozzarella Cheese




Tira Misu

Cheese Cake

*Gratuity NOT included. 

Sicily, at the center of the Mediterranean, but on the periphery of Europe, is quite a distinct entity from the rest of Italy. Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, and Aragonese con- querors have transformed the landscape, and Sicily's diverse history has left it with an abundance of archaeological remains.

The island has a long history of producing a variety of noted cuisines and wines, to the extent that Sicily is sometimes nicknamed God's Kitchen because of this.

Sicilian cuisine, one of Italy's most varied, has also been influenced by its unique location and the invaders it attracted.

Based on simple ingredients, Sicilian cooking is simple to execute, yet sophisticated to the palate. An abundance of fresh fish, local ingredients including eggplant, capers, andolives, and special dishes such as cassata, an elaborate sponge cake with ricotta and candied fruit, make any Sicilian meal a feast.